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The result of offering service to Sri Sri Nitai Gauranga and the Bhakti Yoga Centre has a direct and tangible improvement in our spiritual life. We pray you will also experience the joy of rendering such service.


We humbly request you to assist in this magnificent endeavour. The success over this past decade we have had at ISKCON Crawley is due to the heartfelt service and support offered by its countless well-wishers.


By becoming a patron, you will be helping with the costs of utilities, maintenance, insurances, the building loan and other costs. The running costs of the centre in 2022 was on average £3,024 per month. The forecast for this year is that there will be a significant increase in those costs, the estimate is that it could be circa £4,200 per month.


Our vision is that the patrons' kindness will not only be for the upkeep of the Bhakti Yoga Centre but also for the planning of the future of the Bhakti Yoga Centre and the facilitations for the next generation.


How to become a Patron

Simply by making a monthly donation of £100 or an annual payment of £1,200, you can qualify to become a patron. By this kind gesture you will not only be supporting the monthly costs of maintaining the centre, but you will be helping towards creating a better future for the next generation through learning wisdom of the scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita, creating friendships based on good values and having a place to turn to for spiritual support.


As a patron you will be invited to an annual patrons dinner, have updates with what is happening at the centre, the future vision and projects, an annual programme where devotees will come to your home to do kirtan/ discourse and a personalised brass plaque to be placed on our patrons board inside the centre.


Lord Krishna appreciates any endeavour

If you are encouraged to become a patron then we sincerely thank you, however if this is not something that you can do, then this is not the only way you can help. You can offer any size of donation that you are happy with as a well-wisher of the centre. Lord Krishna always favours any service rendered to him whether large or small.


Thank you again - Bhakti Yoga Centre

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